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Saleem Ansari


Pune, Maharashtra (IN)

Current Status: 

IT Professional


Software Engineer at Red Hat, Pune office.

Web Presence : 


Home Page:  http://tuxdna.in/
Blog:  https://tuxdna.wordpress.com
Twitter:  http://twitter.com/tuxdna



About Talk/Workshop:: 


 Title:  Torque Box - Ruby App Server
 Type:  Talk
 Category:  Web Technologies
 Expected Audience: You would be interested if you know:
Ruby, Ruby On Rails
Java, Enterprise Java
Enterprise scale Rails Applications
Scaling Rails on a cluster or a cloud
 Description: This talk is entirely focussed on TorqueBox ( http://torquebox.org/ ).

TorqueBox is not juts Rails running on JRuby. Its much more than that. What JRuby did for Ruby, TorqueBox aims for Ruby on Rails, with batteries included ( job processing, messaging, caching, clustering support etc.).

Focus of this talk:
* configure, deploy, and scale your Rails ( or Sinatra ) application
* do asynchronous jobs processing and
* leverage enterprise class messaging and caching
( with the benefits of Ruby / Java interoperability via JRuby )

Questions for self evaluation by audience: 1) Do you enjoy writing Ruby code?
2) What is JRuby?
3) Do you need a scalable Ruby application stack that seamlessly integrates with your Enterprise Java application?



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