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Srikant Patnaik


Mumbai, Maharashtra (IN)

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Research Assistant - IITB

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Blog:  http://techkhabri.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/srikant_p



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 Title:  Web based embedded project design
 Type:  Talk
 Category:  Others
 Expected Audience: Everyone's invited, of course one should be a Linux enthusiast.
I will cover the basics of every topic.
 Description: I will show how to use different opensource tools to mold ones idea into real world product(& will try to finish all in 45 mins).

I will explain how a simple python cgi script(webpage) can control a hardware device(in my case arduino) over internet. The arduino(atmega 328) is connected with computer(running cgi script) and is programmed to receive instructions from webpage.  To add more to it, I will show how to add a webcam to broadcast live video feed of the controlling device(our hardware,a webcam kept on arduino device). I will also show how to design PCB for this project using fritzing.

Topics to be covered :
* Arduino tool chain installation.(brief introduction).
* Writing code for arduino device(hardware side code).
* Writing code for webpage(python cgi script, which will provide a simple control interface for  the hardware).
* Converting our circuit(hardware) into PCB for production purpose using fritzing (will explain  benefits of fritzing over KiCAD).
* Adding a video server in Linux using 'motion' (will explain its configuration file, also the use of ffserver for large projects).
* Many intermediate steps like running apache, changing permissions of serial ports/files etc.

Programming language used: Python and arduino ( An embedded 'C' like language)

Tools needed: Apache, motion, arduino hardware and software toolchain, webcam(integrated laptop cam will work).

Questions for self evaluation by audience: 1) What is a embedded system ?
2) How to write a simple html 'Hello world' code?
3) What is PCB?



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