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Suchakrapani Datt Sharma


Pune, Maharashtra (IN)

Current Status: 

IT Professional


Assistant Systems Engineer at TCS, Pune. Currently working on Embedded Linux based system development in the day and on Qt based Linux devices during night :) Love to tinker around with ARM based devkits and Android. A contributor of Fedoraproject as a graphic designer and ambassador.

Web Presence : 


Home Page:  http://suchakra.wordpress.com
Blog:  http://suchakra.wordpress.com
Twitter:  http://www.twitter.com/tuxology



About Talk/Workshop:: 


 Title:  Developing Qt  Apps on Android
 Type:   Workshop
 Category:  Mobile Computing
 Expected Audience:  Students, Hobbyists, App Developers, Confused, wandering souls
 Description: This workshop aims at developing Qt based applications for Android devices which enables all Qt lovers to jump into Android space. The workshop is almost completely based on [1] and [2] to develop a demo app in the beginning (while explaining about Qt based application development on desktop as well) and shall dig into commercial viability and future of such apps towards the end of the workshop.
[1] http://suchakra.wordpress.com/2011/11/20/qt-apps-on-android-part-two-an-...
[2] http://suchakra.wordpress.com/2011/11/14/qt-apps-on-android-part-one-3-i...
Questions for self evaluation by audience: 1) Do you know some basics of the Qt framework?
2) How good I am in C++?



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