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Mr. Arun Khan


Mumbai, Maharashtra (IN)

Current Status: 

IT Professional


FOSS enthusiast. Interested in any thing that is built on FOSS technology.

Web Presence : 


Home Page:   http://www.silverarc.biz
Twitter:   http://twitter.com/arunkhan



About Talk/Workshop:: 


 Title:  Build your own cloud computing infrastructure
 Type:  Talk
 Category:  Cloud Computing
 Expected Audience:  Audience must have prior knowledge of virtualisation concepts.
 Description:  "This talk will present the basic steps to create a ""private"" cloud computing infrastructure.

The talk will be followed by a demonstration of creating/adding LAMP server and desktop from pre-created templates.

Questions from the audience will help drive the discussion on the topic."

Questions for self evaluation by audience: 1) What is LKVM?
2) What is virtual machine template?
3) What is bridge and tap interface?




 Title:  Convert your old laptop to an useful network device
 Type:  Talk
 Category:  Sys Admin
 Expected Audience: Audience must have prior knowledge of specialized Linux distributions such Voyage Linux, openWRT
 Description: This talk will cover a few scenarios on how to make good use of older laptops to convert them into GW, WiFi APs, Wireless Print Server and more ...
Questions for self evaluation by audience: 1) What is an WiFi AP?
2) What is a proxy server?
3) What is WAN load balancing/failover?



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