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Scientific Computing

Day: 14th & 15th Feb 2014

Event: Scientific Computing

About:  The focus of this track is to introduce powerful Mathematical, Scientific Open source software and libraries to academic community and professionals.

Pre-requisites: TBA

Day 1) 14th Feb:

    • Demo talk on change over to Scilab from Matlab: By Satish Annigeri
    • Talk on R programming: By  Ravi Kulkarni
    • Workshop: Pylab: Scientific Computing using Python mainly it will cover NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib by Satish Annigeri

Day 2) 15th Feb:

    • Workshop: Simulation and Modelling of ODE with Xcos in Scilab: By A. B. Raju
    • Talk: Enhance your presentations using Beamer: By  Rajendra Pawale
    • Workshop: Maxima: Open source equivalent to Mathematica: By Rajendra Pawale

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