Build your own Firefox

During this session, we will quickly take the participants through the simple steps of building Firefox on Linux. After thats done, we will just handover the documents to them and ask them to build their own Firefox. Then the rest will be taken up as a Firefox building challenge in the following pattern:
Scoring pattern for competition: 

  • Successful building of Firefox : 30 points
  • Successful building + 1 simple bug fix : 70 points
  • Every single bug after building and first bug fix : 30 points each bug

Total 3 hours for the entire challenge. The top 3 scorers at the end of 3 hours get bumper prizes. Everyone who atleast is able to build firefox successfully gets a Mozilla goodies.
P.S - It will help to know a little about Bugzilla and bug triaging. We will cover it very briefly in the session just to help people get started with the Firefox building challenge!
If someone wants to build Firefox on their personal machine instead of the lab machine, they are requested to have the prerequisites ready:

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