Python in Marathi

This is three hours workshop trying to cover points in MARATHI
which we generally ignore by focusing only on theory of Python .
I will focus on:
- Philosophy of Python
- Installation modes and types
- Jargons of Python one must know
- Python based Jokes
- Short Quizzes
- Python Basic Structure 
- Data Structures: List, Dictionary, Tuples
- Operators and Expressions
- Control flow
- Functions
- Modules
- Object Oriented Programming
- Standard Library

- Understanding of Marathi - Fedora/ CentOS Linux with Python 3.x installed. - IDLE for Python3: - IDLE for Py3 on Ubuntu: - If you want, here is also good IDE you should use: Pyzo : For 64 bits Linux: For 32 bits Linux: - Better come with Internet dongle if host side Internet speed goes down.
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