Deep Learning using Tensorflow

Tensorflow is now the most popular Deep learning framework introduced by GooGle back in 2015. We will be doing the following things.

  1. Theory:
    1. A brief introduction to Deep Learning.
    2. A brief introduction to Tensorflow.
  2. Practical:
    1. Installing Tensorflow.
    2. Hello World using Tensorflow.
    3. Basic operations.
    4. A brief introduction to MNIST data.
    5. Basic Machine learning Algorithm.
      1. KNN
      2. Linear regression
      3. Logistic regression
    6. Neural Networks
      1. Multi layer Perceptron
      2. AlexNet - Discuss Convolution, Pooling and Dropout
    7. Visualization - Tensor Board
    8. Save and restore the model.
  3. A brief introduction on Keras, Tflearn, TF-slim

If time permits we will be doing the following thing:

  1. Beating the benchmark using MAX Fractional Pooling on
    1. MNIST Data
    2. CIFAR-100
Basic Idea on Neural Networks
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