Deeper into the GNU Toolchain

Almost every  piece of FOSS is  built using the GNU  toolchain that is hidden behind  the driver  command "<code>gcc</code>".   Further, the  toolchain is used in pretty  much the same, simple (and hence  almost standard) way for building most of such FOSS.  It is, however, far more powerful and can be  used to build extremely  complex software systems, like  an OS kernel.  In  this talk  we will  discuss the  basic principles  of the toolchain system, and  demonstrate its working by developing  a toy OS kernel.  We  will focus on the  compiler and the linker  as the "main" tools for building software.  Other  tools like, say, make or autoconf will be ignored although they are crucial in practice.

Basic ideas of compiling and linking software written in some HLL, like C.
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