Introduction to Drupal 8

Introduction with a brief idea of how the day is planned. We will be discussing some lights on following points,

  • Concept of CMS
  • What is Drupal?
  • Who uses Drupal? Talk about the enterprise adoption of Drupal & few big case-studies around Drupal.
  • Drupal comes packaged with the latest trends in the web industry (standards implemented, standards around programming with design patterns, etc)
  • Advantages of Drupal. Talk about the open-source distributions available & boon they provide while generating various kinds of websites.
  • Opportunities with Drupal. There are chances to grow for anyone (coders vs noncoders, backend vs frontend) Talk with few statistics around how is the need for Drupal growing in the market. e.g., survey done at Drupalcon Baltimore
  • Talk about community support with Drupal & Open-source contribution opportunities.


  1. Saheel Sikilkar
  2. Rahul Shinde

Volunteers :

  1.  Ajit Shinde
  2. Deepak Yadav
  3. Yogesh Pawar
  4. Vidit Anjaria
  5. Navneet Singh


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