Events 2018

Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
Cook up Firefox- Privacy Settings Techie-talks Ankit Gadgil
Building One Extension for All Browsers with WebExtensions APIs Workshops Viswaprasath
Contribute to FOSS in Marathi - Mozilla Marathi Localization Techie-talks Narendra Petkar
Hack Your Privacy - Learning about RaspberryPi, VPN & More Workshops Tripad Mishra
Mozilla VR Techie-talks Prathamesh Chavan
Rust - An Introduction to safe systems programming Techie-talks Mehul Patel
Animation and Gaming
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
3D game development using Blender Game Engine Workshops Gaurav Pant
3D Modelling with Blender Workshops Gaurav Pant
Mobile / Embedded Technologies
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
Android Development: An introduction Techie-talks Deven Joshi
Cook your own Android Apps Workshops Rucha Tambe
Hacking your router with OpenWRT Techie-talks Yogesh Chavan
Web Technologies
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
Blockchain Basics Techie-talks Atul Kahate
FOSS - Generic Topics
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
Contributing to LibreOffice - Pranav Kant Community Activities Guntupalli Karunakar
Golang Walkthrough Workshops Poorva Mahajan
LibreOffice Hackathon Community Activities Guntupalli Karunakar
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
Getting acquainted with Drupal Access control system Techie-talks Rahul Shinde
Information Architecture in Drupal 8 Techie-talks Rahul Shinde
Introduction to Drupal 8 Techie-talks Rahul Shinde
Introduction to Drupal Theming Techie-talks Rahul Shinde
Introduction to GSOC Community Activities Rahul Shinde
The power of views, Block system Techie-talks Rahul Shinde
Big Data / Data Science
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
Hacking problems with Machine Learning Techie-talks Sumedh Bhalerao
Hacking Social Problems with Data Science and Programming Workshops Nikhil Sheth
Introduction to Data Processing Techie-talks Piyush Verma
Introduction to Distributed Computing with Spark and Python Workshops Jaideep Khandelwal
Introduction to Open Data & Datameet Techie-talks Craig Dsouza
Open Stack MiniConf
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
Introduction on OpenStack and Community Community Activities Sajid Akhtar
Introduction to CEPH Storage and its integration with Openstack. Community Activities Udayendu Kar
WH Questions on Openstack: Introduction to Services Community Activities Mayur S Patil
Internet of the Things
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
IoT via Beaglebone Techie-talks Yogesh Chavan
IoT via Nodemcu/ESP8266 Hands-on workshop Workshops Yogesh Chavan
Time reference in Embedded systems Techie-talks Prasad Mehendale
Talk/Workshop Type Speaker
Python for Gen Z Techie-talks Mayur Bhangale
Walking with Python 3 and GitHub basics. Workshops Nikita Gandhi
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