The most promising advances in computing

Predicting what awaits us in the coming years is complicated, however, based on what is currently being experienced, we can say that more promising advances in computing will be presented; Well, ultimately, it is a field that seeks to make life easier for people and within which innovative ideas frequently arise that, after being implemented, are a complete success.

Promising Tech Trends

It is important to keep up to date with new technological trends, since it is about the future and the skills that must be possessed to face it, since it is largely a possible source of work, which requires timely preparation; Among the most promising developments are:

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

Although it has already received a lot of attention in recent years, it will continue to be a technological trend in the years to come; since it is having remarkable direct effects on the way people live, work and even learn during the first years of life of each human being.

It is surprising how a person can be identified through an image or by voice and also manage all the functions of smart devices within the home remotely, thanks to the existence of computers and the Internet.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA or robotic process automation is gaining ground within the commercial, labor, scientific and other fields. Through thefts, processes are automated and simplified, applications are interpreted, transactions are carried out, emails are answered and even all kinds of data are handled.
edge computing

The cloud has become a great ally for computing, networks and platforms that offer their services through the Internet; It is a work dynamic that continues to grow, to which more and more companies are joining that migrate their data to this place.

The objective of edge computing is to offer solutions to problems with the storage of information and its accessibility from any point on earth; greatly facilitating the trend of working online, so necessary in recent years.

Quantum computing

A trend that is involved in preventing the spread of viruses such as the one that causes Covid-19 and the development of viable vaccines and treatments.

This type of computing makes use of quantum phenomena such as superposition or entanglement in order to easily monitor, analyze and query your data, no matter where its source is.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual, augmented and extended reality are terms that will continue to be used; although until now they have been popular especially in games; they are being implemented as training programs for soldiers and within other types of professions.

Its power in training, education, development of skills and abilities is so incredible that it is even used in the rehabilitation of a patient after suffering an injury, in turn it is used to train many doctors.


It is a technology related to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies; where data can be added without changing or removing anything; from this comes its name that translates as chain.

All systems or services that use blockchain create a chain of data in the form of a block and it is safe because they are based on consensus, no one takes control of them and supervisors are not required to validate transactions.

Internet of things

IoT equipment and devices are being built on a large scale, which will continue thanks to the fact that users have increased their access to Wi-Fi connectivity and now fully enjoy it.

We all benefit from at least one smart device, starting with the mobile and as our budget allows, we add other equipment and tools that allow us to enjoy life more and have free time; such as programming the laundry from the office or checking the temperature of the heating, so that the environment is welcoming when we return.

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