Linux Features

You want to discover what the characteristics of Linux are, a system that will make all the hardware of your computer work and that is also multi-user, multi-platform and multi-tasking; consuming few resources but what will catch your attention the most is that it is free; Take a few moments to find out what it is.

What is Linux?

More than a single operating system, it is a set of several of them Unix-like, whose license is identified as GNU GPL, which means that it is free and has everything you need to interact with your computer according to your needs; You will quickly notice when you install it that it is light and that it allows you to increase its functions, adding applications as you require them.

It supports using it in the form of a console with a minimum consumption of resources; but at the same time you can complement it with a graphical environment, just by installing a terminal command, which practically transforms it into a virtual machine.

It has a GNU General Public License, which you must adhere to for any use you wish to give it; either to copy, modify or redistribute it freely; You have a similar example of this in the Android system, whose kernel is Linux; but no GNU components have been included, rather it has been specifically oriented to be used on devices such as mobiles or tablets.

It emerged during the year 1980 under the name of Minix, with the aim of creating a free operating system; with Unix features. Its inventor was Linus Torvalds in collaboration with Richard Stallman, who today has been one of the greatest collaborators in the development of GNU licensed programs and founders of the Free Software Foundation, of which Microsoft is a part.

Linux Features

Every computer requires an operating system to function and Linux has sufficient capacity to do so, it is characterized by being the controller of services or supercomputers; but it also stands out for many other details:

  • It is a free operating system
  • It is possible to freely modify its source code, respecting the terms of its license.
  • It is open source and independent; which allows any professional to create, develop and distribute new functions without the need for prior permissions.
  • It is completely stable and robust, a fact that has led it to keep many servers running.
  • It is very safe, since as it is free software, it does not represent any interest for computer criminals and therefore they do not spend their time developing viruses that threaten its stability.
  • It is multiuser and multitasking, with it you can perform several operations at the same time, open different programs and applications without slowing down or reducing your resources.
  • It is portable, efficient and with great performance capacity for network tasks, its operation is focused on giving it a better use.
  • With it you can access free distribution software, which is developed by programmers from all over the world; which is an excellent contribution to constantly expand its range of action.
  • It is the operating system of choice for IT professionals, thanks to its ample computing power and processing capacity.
  • Provides support for all types of hardware, in addition to allowing its use on different devices.
  • Its users can customize its interface, which is also identified as Shell, based on their tastes and interests.
  • It offers the possibility of using different types of drivers in relation to the device.
  • It is not part of the big international companies and monopolies; this gives you the opportunity to be modified by any user from anywhere in the world.

As you can see, Linux is a system that gives free and open access to the field of computing, with which each user interacts on the computer based on their interests without having to deal with locks or limitations implemented by the hardware, it is a tool that enjoyed by many people and that you must try, to really get to know it.

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